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Arthritis in Cats and Dogs

drcalcutt.labcoatAffecting nearly 52.5 million people in the US alone, arthritis is something that many of us can relate to. Maybe you are even affected or know somebody that is. It might surprise you to learn that, along with humans, a large percentage of our pet population also suffers from this degenerative disease. Arthritis affects one in five dogs and is also recognized as a disease of geriatric cats. This condition can affect all breeds including mixed breeds.


Do Summer Storms Wreak Havoc With Your Dog?

drstacey contactDr. Stacy Stacy, Medical Director and Veterinarian at TVV Decatur, discusses storm phobia in dogs...

If your canine friend has phobias, it means he (or she) experiences an irrational and disproportionate response to certain stimuli, for example, thunderstorms.   Some stimuli can be avoided in a dog's life; unfortunately, bad weather is not one of them.  Veterinarians call it storm phobia - pet owners call it their worst nightmare, with the howling, hiding, shaking, and sometimes - destruction.  Some reactions are more unsettling than others but regardless of your dog's response to a storm, it is difficult knowing your pet is feeling terrified and you do not know how or what to do to help. 


Feline Veterinary Care: Have We Seen Your Cat Lately?

draddante with stellaCats are notorious for their independent and self-sufficient nature.  Let’s face it, most of the time they have us convinced that we need them more than they need us.   Accordingly, none of us wants to provoke the scorn and disdain of this profoundly sensitive species: they’ll make us sorry for sure.  At the same time, we love our cats so much and want them to lead long happy and healthy lives.  This presents a conundrum: do I take my cat to the vet when they seem just fine and it could be so stressful?   The answer is an irrefutable enthusiastic, "YES your cat needs an annual exam!"


Dramatic Laser Therapy Results

Riley as a young dogWe wanted to share about a recent case at our Decatur hospital; one in which a patient greatly benefited from laser therapy - with absolutely incredible results after only three laser therapy sessions.  Our case involved Riley, a 7 year old, 55 lb. potcake (a mixed breed dog rescued from the Bahamas as a young dog).  Sweet and lovable Riley met up with a most unfortunate incident that occurred when she and another pooch did not see eye-to-eye on something - resulting in serious injury to the top of her head and down the side of her face.  There was significant trauma with several deep lacerations, a lot of bleeding,  and poor Riley was in a lot of pain.   Learn more about Riley's case and see the photos of her recovery process.



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