Project Samana



Project Samana began in 1993, with 3 members of the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association volunteering time, expertise and supplies, and has evolved into a project that has resulted in the spaying and neutering of more than 3000 small animals and the castration of several hundred stallions. Team Samana is involved in educating residents about parasite control, basic first aid, nutrition, and animal husbandry. They have helped the residents form a cooperative to keep medical records, arrange care for sick or thin horses (economically and culturally integral for transportation, work and tourism), and to sponsor local animal health seminars within the community. The team works closely with, and provides medical and surgical training to, students and veterinarians from Dominican schools.

Our TVV team members donate their veterinary skills, time, and effort to participate in this very important humanitarian and pet welfare mission by helping to improve the lives of animals and people of Samana and the surrounding region.

Dr. Carrie McColgan, who is the medical director and veterinarian at The Village Vets Lilburn-Stone Mountain, heads up the GA Team of Project Samana:

“In June 2003, the summer after I graduated from veterinary school, I joined a Samana team for a week. Like so many other students and professionals over the years, that experience had a profound influence on my personal and professional life. This was truly learning on your feet - figuring out how to tackle a medical or surgical problem in the field, with a limited supply of medications and tools. The "clinic" where we performed small animal spays and neuters, was set up in a local grade school, and the equine clinic where we treated saddle sores, hoof disease, and castrated stallions, was a soccer field, and dozens of other open, grassy fields in the region”.

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