Environmental Enrichment for Indoor Cats

draddante with stellaDr. Kari Addante addresses what indoor cats need in their environment to help them stay happy and healthy:

The enviable life of the indoor cat: meals prepared, cozy beds to sleep in, and playtime at their leisure. It is a wonderful life indeed. At the same time however, it is very important to scrutinize the situation a little further. Is your home providing what is needed to encourage natural behaviors in cats - such as climbing, "hunting", jumping, and even hiding? Is something in your home a source of stress to your cat? Making a few simple changes in your home can make your cat more relaxed and calm, which will help avoid behavioral issues, such as aggression between cats and litter box problems. Moreover, providing a stimulating and safe environment can decrease the incidence of stress related health issues such as feline lower urinary tract disease, feline herpes virus and even obesity.

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App & Client Loyalty Program

cell phoneOur app allows us to extend even further the care and service we provide to our clients and their pets.  We know your pets are an important part of your family and being able to manage their care and veterinary needs more efficiently would make your life easier.  The TVV app provides that efficiency for you.  Downloading the app is easy with the links and QR codes provided.  
With TVV app you can:
· One touch call and email
· Request appointments
· Request food and medication
· Receive monthly reminders so you don’t forget to give your heartworm and flea/tick prevention.
· Check out our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
· Look up pet diseases from a reliable information source
· Find us on the map
· Visit our website
· Loyalty Program with virtual punch card
· And much more!

The app features a Client Loyalty Program ...

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Midnight Scare: What to Expect at a Pet's Emergency Visit

cullen HRDr. Alycia Cullen, a veterinarian at our TVV Decatur Emergency, informs clients on what to expect at their pet's ER visit and how to be prepared in the event of an emergency...

An emergency visit to the veterinarian can be fraught with stress and emotion. Chances are, if you are coming to see us in the middle of the night, you are very concerned about the well-being of your pet. First, you are trying to decide if you should come in...are the symptoms bad enough? Can they wait until the morning? Then, you have to decide how you are going to get here. Who will be there to greet you? Will your pet receive the same great care overnight that he or she always receives during the day? Here are a few facts about emergency care that may help you better prepare for a trip to the ER:

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20% Off Dental Discounts Year-Round

Dental Exam on RomeoDr. Stacy is performing an oral examination on Romeo, while his buddy Deacon is looking on - not yet realizing he's next.  Oral exams are very important for cats and dogs in order to stay on top of any issues, such as the beginning of dental disease, cracks in teeth, etc. - before they become a larger, and much more painful issue.  Our vets perform these oral exams whenever our clients bring their pet in for their regular check-ups.  

February is recognized annually as National Pet Dental Month and TVV has always provided a 20% off discount on dental cleaning procedures for that month.  Since dental care and dental health affects our pets' overall health, we feel it is important to promote dental care everyday - so therefore, we offer the 20% off dental cleaning discount year-round.  Here is how it works... when your pet is in for their regular exam, a 20% off dental coupon is provided to you if the veterinarian recommends the pet have their teeth cleaned.  The coupon is valid for [one] use on this pet up to three months following that recommendation.  We provide this to not only promote year long dental care but to also make it more convenient and more affordable for our clients.  Good dental health is to be recognized ALL year-round and not just in February and here is why....

The "Georgia Operative" of Project Samana

Dr. McColgan and Roy2Most of you may remember our team from TVV Lilburn-Stone Mtn. participating in the veterinary outreach program, Project Samana, in the Dominican Republic last November, 2014. As Dr. Carrie McColgan said in her article posted prior to that trip, she envisioned "developing a long-term international program that could be supported and maintained by [our] colleagues at The Village Vets, as well as colleagues from other veterinary practices in the Atlanta area. Dr. McColgan's vision is close to becoming a reality...

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When the Mercury Drops

Do not Leave Your Dog in the Cold

 This topic is worth discussing every winter, even if the vast majority of people already know and understand the importance of protecting pets in cold weather. We feel pretty confident that most of our clients already heed the advice that is published each winter by all the pet health organizations, as well as our own website, Facebook page, newsletters, and the Public Service Announcements we run on local cable channels. Each organization and resource of information list, almost identically, very important cold weather pet care tips and health warnings. Unfortunately, there will be a few folks who doubt the danger cold weather poses, or believes their pet is conditioned to withstand the cold weather.  We agree, there are many dogs that are more conditioned for the cold.  However, there is "cold" and then there is "freezing temps and icy conditions", which is much different and which both pose serious health risks, such as hypothermia and frostbite.  A good rule to follow ... if it is too cold for you with a coat, gloves and hat on - then chances are - it is too cold for them.   These are the cold weather pet care tips:

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The Full Scoop on Poop

dog scoop1Fecal exams, intestinal parasites, and stool samples - are just a few of the terms pet owners will hear that relate to their dog or cat's "business".  Though it is not particularly something a lot of pet owners want to spend much time thinking about - and who can blame them - our medical staff is always eager to answer the "what", "where", and "how" of intestinal parasites, as well as the "why" fecal exams are an important part of your pet's health care.  As the title suggest, we want to give you the full "scoop" on this not-so-touchy topic.

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Project Samana Experience

Our Dr. Françoise Tyler shares about her experience working with and being a part of Project SamFran2ana...

This November, Dr. Carrie McColgan, Treasure Dreher and I ventured to the beautiful Samana peninsula of the Dominican Republic to participate in Project Samana, a veterinary outreach program which was founded by Dr. Bob Labdon and Dr. Jay Merriam of Massachusetts.  The Dominican Republic is still considered the second poorest nation in the western hemisphere, and the animals here suffer as a result.   In keeping with The Village Vets core values, we helped provide essential veterinary care not only for dogs and cats, but also for horses and mules.  

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