A Technician's Experience with Project Samana

debWhen our team travels to the Dominican Republic to go work in the Samana peninsula, which is the poorest region in the world, they do so on their own time, their own effort, and their own money -and it is quite expensive.  The cost unfortunately has prevented several of our technicians from being able to go - something they have been  passionate about wanting to be a part of .  Our friend and client, Elizabeth Whitcomb, to date has generously made this trip possible for two of our veterinary tecnnicians, Deborah Adams - who went with a team this past May for a week, and Jon Manson - who is leaving tomorrow to go with the rest of our team.  Thank you Elizabeth for making this possible for them.  It is not only a "life-changing" experience for them but their consistent hardwork and dedication is a tremendous help for the rest of the team.  Deborah shared a little about her experience -

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Experiencing Radiotherapy With My Cat...PHEW!

EttaJane theQuarantineMy sweet Etta Jane was a scrawny, runt of the litter rescue kitten. At the time I adopted her nearly 12 years ago, I was not in a good position to adopt a kitten. But my dear niece, Dr. Stacy convinced me that Etta Jane was just what I needed. She was right and Etta Jane was indeed exactly what I needed at a low point in my life. Her cheerful little presence made me laugh and she blossomed into a gorgeous tortoiseshell calico. When she was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, of course I knew I would do whatever it took to make her well again.

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Fruits and Veggies for Pets

boxer carrot

Here is information worth chewing on...

Whether you're looking to slim down your pet's waistline, or are just looking for healthy alternatives to commercial pet treats, we've found that pets actually like, if not love, the taste of certain fruits and veggies.  Just cut small sized pieces for a healthy, low-calorie snack.  It is probably not a good idea to hand over an entire carrot - or at least not the first time they try it.   Remember, introducing new foods into your pet's diet may cause upset stomach issues such as vomiting or diarrhea. Be cautious to introduce only one new fruit or vegetable at a time to help you spot any health changes.  Here are lists of fruits and vegetables safe for pets.  

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Once in a Blue Moon...

cupcake blue moonEvery once in a while a dog like Cupcake comes along.  A "special" dog and a dog with special needs.  Not physical needs but emotional - like trust and fear.  And her most prominent need, and goes without saying - human kindness.

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Our Heart and Soul

vickiandmarleywebsite sittingonbeach

We had no idea what we were doing, but we just knew we needed a dog. We looked forever to find the perfect dog for us and we did . . .  

Marley was 11 weeks old when we brought her home. That was in 2001. We had prepared for a while. Bought the best food, got an enormous crate, fancy bed and a ridiculous number of toys. A friend of mine had just started working at a new vet office, Decatur Village Vets. She told us about Dr. Draper and we made an appointment. Only the best for our little girl!  Marley did all the right things. She snuggled with us, she stayed close by on walks, she used the bathroom outside, she posed for a 1000 pictures…she was spoiling us and we didn’t even know it. Early on she would just lock eyes with us and let us get right in her space, touching foreheads, all the while thumping her tail on the floor. That tail thump was the best thing ever. Just hearing that, you knew you were being love bombed. 

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What Everyone Needs To Know . . .

It is very important for dog owners to be aware of how easily canine influenza can be spread to other dogs, in order to take the necessary precautions to prevent your own dog from exposure.  It is also extremely important for dog owners who have a dog that is exhibiting any of the symptoms, to do what is necessary to prevent infecting other dogs - and ultimately spreading the illness further.   And you should know that even if your dog is not exhibiting symptoms, but has been exposed to a symptomatic dog - you still need to keep your dog quarantined at home - because the first 24-48 hours after exposure is when dogs are most contagious to other dogs.  How it is transmitted to other dogs:

  • It is airborne, therefore your dog is susceptible just by being in the same vicinity of an infected dog. 
  • It is transmitted through direct contact with another dog - including eating or drinking from the same bowl.  
  • Though H3N2 virus is not transmissible to humans - humans can pass the virus from one dog to another.  The virus can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours - this includes clothing.

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Two Li'l Punkins, Audrey and Olive

audreyandolive small for websiteCatherine wanted to adopt a pit bull for the longest time. Her husband Jon…not so much. Knowing Catherine it was just a matter of time, a little pleading, and a whole lot of pushing.  Jon's skepticism was not at all unusual, for two reasons - one, there is often uncertainty if you have never owned a pit bull before and secondly, he was really hoping they would someday soon have a baby. Perhaps he was the more realistic and practical one because he knew a new baby would already be a huge adjustment.  But Catherine...not so much. :) 

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Oliver's Rescue Story

Oliver very happyEight weeks after he was rescued from being viciously attacked by two dogs while chained in a parking lot off Memorial Drive in Atlanta- Oliver's rescuer and now owner tells us his story.

"Today Oliver is doing great.  He is the happiest dog you'll ever meet.  A little more background on how he came into our lives...

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