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"Free" Puppy....Really..??

Dr. Streitof revised for website 2Dr. Streithof of TVV Decatur Emergency reports...

So you’ve been thinking of adopting a pet for awhile. You’ve thought it over, and you know you’re ready. It just so happens, your friend on Facebook has some adorable pictures posted of some puppies that absolutely need a home now! And they’re FREE!  Really? ... Look away from those cute pictures for a minute, because there may be one important aspect of pet ownership that you haven’t completely considered.

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App & Client Loyalty Program

cell phoneOur app allows us to extend even further the care and service we provide to our clients and their pets.  We know your pets are an important part of your family and being able to manage their care and veterinary needs more efficiently would make your life easier.  The TVV app provides that efficiency for you.  Downloading the app is easy with the links and QR codes provided.  
With TVV app you can:
· One touch call and email
· Request appointments
· Request food and medication
· Receive monthly reminders so you don’t forget to give your heartworm and flea/tick prevention.
· Check out our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
· Look up pet diseases from a reliable information source
· Find us on the map
· Visit our website
· Loyalty Program with virtual punch card
· And much more!

The app features a Client Loyalty Program ...

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20% Off Dental Discounts Year-Round

Dental Exam on RomeoDr. Stacy is performing an oral examination on Romeo, while his buddy Deacon is looking on - not yet realizing he's next.  Oral exams are very important for cats and dogs in order to stay on top of any issues, such as the beginning of dental disease, cracks in teeth, etc. - before they become a larger, and much more painful issue.  Our vets perform these oral exams whenever our clients bring their pet in for their regular check-ups.  

February is recognized annually as National Pet Dental Month and TVV has always provided a 20% off discount on dental cleaning procedures for that month.  Since dental care and dental health affects our pets' overall health, we feel it is important to promote dental care everyday - so therefore, we offer the 20% off dental cleaning discount year-round.  Here is how it works... when your pet is in for their regular exam, a 20% off dental coupon is provided to you if the veterinarian recommends the pet have their teeth cleaned.  The coupon is valid for [one] use on this pet up to three months following that recommendation.  We provide this to not only promote year long dental care but to also make it more convenient and more affordable for our clients.  Good dental health is to be recognized ALL year-round and not just in February and here is why....

Arthritis in Cats and Dogs

drcalcutt.labcoatDr. Adam Calcutt of TVV Decatur reports...

Affecting nearly 52.5 million people in the US alone, arthritis is something that many of us can relate to. Maybe you are even affected or know somebody that is. It might surprise you to learn that, along with humans, a large percentage of our pet population also suffers from this degenerative disease. Arthritis affects one in five dogs and is also recognized as a disease of geriatric cats. This condition can affect all breeds including mixed breeds.

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Adding a Pet to Your Pack

franco_2Dr. Janine Franco (TVV Decatur)says.... We all love having pets.  They are our family members, friends and companions.  Sometimes we enjoy them so much we decide that we’d like to adopt another dog or cat deserving of a great home.  The tricky part comes when we are ready to introduce that new family member to the rest of our four-legged pack.  There are a few simple but important things to consider and plan for when bringing a new animal into your family.

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What Everyone Needs To Know . . .

It is very important for dog owners to be aware of how easily canine influenza can be spread to other dogs, in order to take the necessary precautions to prevent your own dog from exposure.  It is also extremely important for dog owners who have a dog that is exhibiting any of the symptoms, to do what is necessary to prevent infecting other dogs - and ultimately spreading the illness further.   And you should know that even if your dog is not exhibiting symptoms, but has been exposed to a symptomatic dog - you still need to keep your dog quarantined at home - because the first 24-48 hours after exposure is when dogs are most contagious to other dogs.  How it is transmitted to other dogs:

  • It is airborne, therefore your dog is susceptible just by being in the same vicinity of an infected dog. 
  • It is transmitted through direct contact with another dog - including eating or drinking from the same bowl.  
  • Though H3N2 virus is not transmissible to humans - humans can pass the virus from one dog to another.  The virus can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours - this includes clothing.

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Air Travel With Your Pet

dog in crate in airportPlanning a trip or vacation can be fun and exciting, but planning one in which you will be traveling by air and bringing along your dog or cat - well, that takes a quite bit more planning and preparation - and causes a lot of stress. . . particularly for your pet.  If flying with your pet cannot be avoided there are several very important things you need to consider.  First, and most important, safety precautions.  Second, learning your airline's rules and requirements well before your departure date.  If traveling internationally - learning the varied regulations of the country you will be traveling to is an absolute must to avoid your pet being held up by customs in a foreign country or denied access and returned to the U.S. immediately upon arrival. DrFinke

Dr. Melissa Finke, of TVV Decatur gives us many important tips and safety precautions, along with traveling requirements and resources of information to help you and your pet's journey be safe and uneventful.....

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Dental Radiology for Pets

DrFinkeDr. Melissa Finke of TVV Decatur reports...

Over the years we have seen significant advancements in veterinary dentistry. This has lead to better diagnostics and treatment for dental disease resulting healthier, longer lives for our dogs and cats. One of the most important newer diagnostics has been dental x-rays.

In order to understand the importance of dental x-rays, it is necessary to realize that 2/3 of the teeth are below the gum line. In some cases, the visible portion of the tooth or gingiva (gum tissue) may give us a clue that there is a problem. However x-rays are required in order for us to understand the exact nature or extent of the problem and determine the best possible treatment.


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